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APLD - Washington Chapter

EdCC ATA-Associate of Technical Arts Degrees

CUH - Center For Urban Horticulture

Dynascape Design software for Landscape Professionals

WALP - Washington Association of Landscape Professionals

LFP Designs is a landscape design company located in Lake Forest Park, WA. LFP Designs provides precision site mapping and CAD services for the Landscape Professional.

Mapping includes preparation of a base drawing of a residential site defining the building footprint and relationship to out-lying structures, features, and significant plantings.

Our work is commissioned by landscape designers and contractors providing superior installation services.

We use DynaSCAPE Designs, a landscape CAD application that allows us to rapidly and cost-effectively create a professional product.

LFP Designs provides additional services including web site design and maintenance for select clients and web based businesss systems for innovative entrepreneurs.